The Best JavaOne Session I Didn't See (in person)

I snuck over to JavaOne16 because I wanted to take in a session titled Refactoring to Functional Style with Java 8 by Venkat Subramaniam. When I got there the room was packed out and customers rightly go first for the last seats.

However, the attendants said that content from that ballroom was being streamed, so I hopped on YouTube and watched the session on my mobile phone. This is one of the best sessions I “attended” while at OpenWorld this year:

Venkat’s presentation style is very entertaining, and he slowly walks through the benefits of thinking in functions.

Turns out Venkat is a JavaOne Rockstar, which is probably why his sessions were filled to capacity. He gave six sessions at JavaOne this year, and each time he was in a room that was being recorded, so his sessions are all up on YouTube:

This pointed me to the JavaOne YouTube channel. Have a look here:

JavaOne YouTube channel

They were livestreaming four different ballrooms (just a fraction of the venues), and then every day they cut up the livestream into individual talks. I have a whole lot of catching up to do on all the other sessions I missed!

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