JSFiddle Base for Oracle JET 2.1.0

[Update 01-Jan-2018: new 4.1.0 templates for CodePen and JSFiddle that leverage the new Oracle JET CDN; see here for more details]

[Update 14-Apr-2017: new 3.0.0 templates for and JSFiddle]

Today I updated the code for my JSFiddle base to use Oracle JET 2.1.0. This is based on work that Cliff Sanchez and Jim Marion put together to host JET examples on public code pen sites.

A while back Jim documented the one weird trick that got JET working on JSFiddle via RawGit, which is a pseudo-CDN we can use until JET is published to a proper CDN. Also, take a look at Cliff’s work on CodePen in case you prefer that service.

My v2.1.0 JSFiddle base is embedded below. You’ll see I’ve updated the JS tab using the Migrating a v2.0.x Web Application to v2.1.0 instructions. Also, I found that you can move the requirejs.config() block down to the bottom and it will still work–this seems to draw more attention to your example viewModel code and less to the frameworks.

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